Labor & Delivery Story

I'm finally able to share my labor and delivery story. It's an experience on it's own no matter how prepared I felt, I would have never thought it would be this way

Saturday, 28th May

I woke up as usual and did my usual house chores. Thereafter, I decided to run some last minute errands in preparation for the baby. My due date was scheduled for 1st June. I remember that was the first time I had actually walked. I guess I was walking for about 3 hours non stop. Shockingly, I wasn't as tired even in the evening. I went to sleep very well.

Sunday, 29th May

This was a pretty chilled day. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. At around 10pm, I was washing the dishes when I started feeling contractions and I assumed them saying they were false labor signs. I was right to think so because at my last antenatal clinic on 26th May , the doctor pushed my due date to 23rd June instead of the initial 1st June. I  started timing the contractions and the app I was using at that time indicated that I was in early labor. I finished washing the dishes and then went to sleep. I honestly didn't feel any labor pains throughout the night except when I woke up to use the restroom.

Monday, 30th May

Monday morning rolled around and I hoped the contractions would be gone. To my surprise, they were still there,the intensity was mild. I thought about going to work but decided not to. I think that's when it hit me that I was in labor. I did my usual duties; scrubbed the bathroom, cleaned the bedroom,  washed the baby clothes I had bought and of course took a shower before quickly packing my hospital bag and leaving for the hospital with my mum.

We got to the hospital at around 10am. The gynaecologist checked me & I was 4cm dilated. I remember thinking how easy that was. I kept thinking “mild contractions and at 4cm? That was fast and easy.  The next 4cm will be easy to get to, then the last 2cm would be the hardest.”Boy was I wrong! I got admitted & from then on things got to a halt.

At 3pm, I was at 5cm & felt really disappointed. The pain was still bearable. Mind you I have a high threshold of pain tolerance and I was also psychologically well prepared. 8pm and still at 5cm & so we-my mum & I made a decision that I be induced to fasten the labor process.

They broke my water & induced me and from there I was all alone. Visiting hours were over and the hard part began. This was the most painful part. I remember walking, kneeling on the floor, holding on to literally anything to alleviate the pain.  My back was the most painful.  Then there was the rude nurse who I felt I could beat up if I wasn't in labor.

At around midnight I was 7cm and the pain is something I can't properly describe. You have to experience it on your own. The intensity and time duration combined felt like it was my last day on earth, no kidding. By this time, everyone in the labor ward was fast asleep except me. I remember dozing off for seconds as the pain subsided only to strike again much harder.From then on I didn't  care about anything. I remember practicing breathing techniques and growling when the pain became unbearable.At somepoint, I honestly got so tired and just went to bed, not even thinking because I was so weak and all I wanted to do was sleep.

 Tuesday, 31st May

I remember the nurse coming to wake me up. She asked me if I was okay and I said I was. She then asked if she could do a V.E and I gladly agreed because I was exhausted at this point. I really wanted it to be over. At around 4:20am on 31st May , Tuesday morning, I was fully dilated at 10cm & it was time for delivery.
The nurse took her sweet time preparing the delivery room and  I started pushing at 4:30am. At this point, I was exhausted and I remember thinking I was going to die & was just praying for God's grace. At 4:45am,weighing at 2.9kg, baby Kyle graced us with his presence. I remember crying so much when I held him & he stopped crying immediately he was laid on my chest. It's a moment I'll never forget.

 It was then time to deliver the placenta which was painful since the nurse squeezed my stomach to get rid of all the blood clots and deliver the placenta, 2 in 1. Next was time to get stitched which after 3 shots to numb me did absolutely nothing. I felt every single stitch in and out. Not fun at all.
I immediately notified my mum of baby's arrival as we left the delivery room as she incessantly called me throughout the night.


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