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Labor & Delivery Story

I'm finally able to share my labor and delivery story. It's an experience on it's own no matter how prepared I felt, I would have never thought it would be this way
Saturday, 28th MayI woke up as usual and did my usual house chores. Thereafter, I decided to run some last minute errands in preparation for the baby. My due date was scheduled for 1st June. I remember that was the first time I had actually walked. I guess I was walking for about 3 hours non stop. Shockingly, I wasn't as tired even in the evening. I went to sleep very well. Sunday, 29th MayThis was a pretty chilled day. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. At around 10pm, I was washing the dishes when I started feeling contractions and I assumed them saying they were false labor signs. I was right to think so because at my last antenatal clinic on 26th May , the doctor pushed my due date to 23rd June instead of the initial 1st June. I  started timing the contractions and the app I was using at that t…