It's my baby's first birthday!!
I thought it'd be nice to share what I've learned so far in my parenthood journey.

I hope it helps someone out here, either planning to be a mother, soon to be a mother and already a mother or parent.

1. The joy of firsts. Everything about this phase is great. You get to experience your little human grow up and it's so magical. Trust me a few things are going to get broken, chewed up, hit, destroyed, but it's worth it and funny too.
2. Lack of sleep is something you are going to have to get used to. There's no way around it.
3. Sleep training sometimes works and other times it doesn't. These little humans are too clever.
4. Sacrifice. You will always put your child first before yourself. Always.

5.Baby teeth are sharp.
6. Baby nails are sharp too and they grow too fast.
7. Photos and videos are awesome.
8. Breastfeeding will hurt at some point but trust me, it gets better
9. Ask and accept support
10. Grandparents are the best. Take advantage.

11. Googling is inevitable, one way or another
12. It gets better as they grow older. More sleep than the 3 hours you're used to. I promise.
13. You will loose a few or many friends along the process.
14. You will discover yourself in more and exciting ways than you thought.
15. Change is inevitable.

16. Getting ready is on a whole different level than you expected. Give yourself 3 hours before the expected departure time.
17. Baby always gets ready first. It's a rule. Don't argue it or you might learn the hard way.
18. Baby language is fun and just like a puzzle that you have to figure out.
19. Loosing the baby weight is a mindset.
20. Enjoy the journey, we are not yet half way.

21. You will bathe with baby more times than you imagine.
22. Baby might try to eat your face a few times. Be happy, it means you are delicious.
23. There is something called poop explosion.
24. Baby smiles and laughters are the best.


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