Lessons from Motherhood

Babies grow up so fast. I can't believe my baby is 8 months old. It feels so surreal because even when I was pregnant, I hadn't pictured myself getting this far. I feel very privileged to be a mother and I thank God for this journey. It might look easy but it really isn't.
Over the course of this motherhood gig, I've learnt and discovered so much about me and babies that I'd love to share with any aspiring mommies or mommy-to-be(s).

Lesson 1: Live in the moment

This is the best advice I read and got from most people and I really put it into practice. I remember holding my son for the first time like it was yesterday. It's been such a joy watching him grow up. Although I am yet to document everything into a nice sturdy book that my baby can look at in future, I can tell you that I remember the first day my baby smiled, reached out his hand, I remember his cries at night, his first roll, his first tooth etc. (you get the point).
Live in the moment because if you don't, you'll blink and your baby will be all grown up.

Lesson 2: Take as many photos as you can

I know for a new mommy this seems close to impossible because you are operating with 3-4 hours of sleep but kick off that exhaustion for a few minutes and take photos of your baby. Keep all the photos (both good and bad) because they'll remind you of so much in future.
I remember the minute my baby would wake up, I'd take photos. After an outfit change,a bath or if he did something new, I was there with my phone. Photos all the time. They were sort of therapeutic. Yes, I'm officially Kyle's paparazzi. I'm now glad i took those many photos as they remind me of so much.

Lesson 3: Ask for & accept help

As such an independent lady, I thought I could do it all. Actually, I tried. For the first two and a half months, I took care of my baby on my own. I later realised that at the end of the day, I was exhausted and could barely do anything for myself i.e. brush my teeth. Yes, it's that serious when taking care of a newborn.
As soon as I got help, I was much more organised, happy and able to take care of my baby effectively and also enjoy motherhood so much more.
Don't feel like a bad mother when you ask for help because a happy baby is a happy mommy and trust me it goes a long way and also prevents you from suffering from post natal depression.

Lesson 4:You don't know what you are getting into

Trust me, this is so true. Even if you read a whole lot of books on parenting, it never quite compares to the reality of things. As the doctors say, every baby is different and they grow in their own different way. 
I remember I read and researched a lot on parenting but in all honesty, it didn't help that much. I learnt as time went by on what my baby liked and disliked and it became so much easier.

lesson 5: It's a blessing

There are times i have sat on my bed, looked at my son and cried because I ask myself how I got so lucky to be a mother. It's something I don't take for granted. Guaranteed, it's not easy but it's totally worth it. The smiles, the hugs and the milestones are memories I hold dear to my heart.
When you have a baby, it's that time you realise what unconditional love truly is. It feels like your heart is out of your body and all you want to do is protect it with all your might and whatever it takes to make sure it's safe.

Motherhood is indeed a journey and not a destination. Everyday there is something new to learn and discover about your baby and that's where all the magic happens. These are just but a few and not exhaustive list of what motherhood entails. I hope you learn a thing or two :)

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Lots of love.


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