It's my baby's first birthday!!
I thought it'd be nice to share what I've learned so far in my parenthood journey.

I hope it helps someone out here, either planning to be a mother, soon to be a mother and already a mother or parent.

1. The joy of firsts. Everything about this phase is great. You get to experience your little human grow up and it's so magical. Trust me a few things are going to get broken, chewed up, hit, destroyed, but it's worth it and funny too.
2. Lack of sleep is something you are going to have to get used to. There's no way around it.
3. Sleep training sometimes works and other times it doesn't. These little humans are too clever.
4. Sacrifice. You will always put your child first before yourself. Always.

5.Baby teeth are sharp.
6. Baby nails are sharp too and they grow too fast.
7. Photos and videos are awesome.
8. Breastfeeding will hurt at some point but trust me, it gets better
9. Ask and accept support
10. Grandparents are the best. Take …

Lessons from Motherhood

Babies grow up so fast. I can't believe my baby is 8 months old. It feels so surreal because even when I was pregnant, I hadn't pictured myself getting this far. I feel very privileged to be a mother and I thank God for this journey. It might look easy but it really isn't. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Over the course of this motherhood gig, I've learnt and discovered so much about me and babies that I'd love to share with any aspiring mommies or mommy-to-be(s). Lesson 1: Live in the moment This is the best advice I read and got from most people and I really put it into practice. I remember holding my son for the first time like it was yesterday. It's been such a joy watching him grow up. Although I am yet to document everything into a nice sturdy book that my baby can look at …

Labor & Delivery Story

I'm finally able to share my labor and delivery story. It's an experience on it's own no matter how prepared I felt, I would have never thought it would be this way
Saturday, 28th MayI woke up as usual and did my usual house chores. Thereafter, I decided to run some last minute errands in preparation for the baby. My due date was scheduled for 1st June. I remember that was the first time I had actually walked. I guess I was walking for about 3 hours non stop. Shockingly, I wasn't as tired even in the evening. I went to sleep very well. Sunday, 29th MayThis was a pretty chilled day. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. At around 10pm, I was washing the dishes when I started feeling contractions and I assumed them saying they were false labor signs. I was right to think so because at my last antenatal clinic on 26th May , the doctor pushed my due date to 23rd June instead of the initial 1st June. I  started timing the contractions and the app I was using at that t…

The 58th Grammy Awards

The Grammy's are HERE!!
I'm always excited for fashion award season since it's a time to see how the celebs clean up for the red carpet. It gives one an insight into how one should dress for a red carpet event and also steal a few style tips and designs from some of the greatest designers in the world.
This year the celebs really outdid themselves and I must say I had a hard time choosing the best dressed. These are some of the looks that I absolutely loved and would definitely copy if I had the chance to walk down a red carpet.
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Styling a Shirt Dress

Hey loves, It's practically summer out here so I thought I'd share one of my latest summer wear obsessions. Now that it is literally so hot and the only thing you want to wear is something not too tight and airy, the shirt dress is perfect for this type of weather.  If you are more on the conservative type, you can always find a longer shirt dress which looks great on most body shapes.

One style tip that I'd love to give is that do your research before splurging on any clothing item. This saves you some money and also you get to buy something that you love, looks right on you and that you can wear for a long time. xx

Critics' Choice Awards 2016

The Critics' Choice Awards happened on Sunday 17th and as usual, I love to see how the celebrities look at the red carpet. My favourite by far was Gina Rodriguez and Crystal Reynay ( Neyo's fiancee) I hope you enjoy this looks as showcased by them. xx 

People's Choice Awards 2016

These are some of my favourite People's Choice Awards 2016 looks that I absolutely love.
What were some of your favourite looks? xx